Haroon Kadwani’s Movie Teri Meri Kahani

The charming Haroon Kadwani, alongside the beautiful Sehar Khan, appears in 7th Sky Entertainment‘s romantic comedy short Teri Meri Kahani Telefilm which has now been seen by 2.4 million people on video content site YouTube in only four days. Now it has been watched 37 Million Times by the User across YouTube.

Quick Overview of Teri Meri Kahani

Two young people, Armaan (Haroon Kadwani) and Zara (Sehar Khan), both live in the same neighborhood are the leading character of this romantic comedy blockbuster movie.

One is ambitious and the other impulsive. They are also very different from one another, with one being driven by ambition and the other motivated by pleasure and non-seriousness. When their paths cross and they eventually fall in love with each other, they discover that their desires of love has its own difficulties and hurdles.

Teri Meri Kahani Cast

The talented team of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, written by Saima Akram Chaudhary, and directed by Aehsun Talish has created this enthralling and fascinating tale of love. Javed Sheikh, Bushra Ansari, and Usmaan Peerzada are among the ensemble cast members.

Released Date of Teri Meri Kahani (2021)

‘Teri Meri Kahani’, aired on Saturday the 3rd of April, 2021, on Geo Entertainment. The romantic comedy Teri Meri Kahani then again got released on YouTube, which has now gone viral on the internet, stars film actors Haroon Kadwani and Sehar Khan in the lead roles.

Many people have left commendable comments on Haroon Kadwani’s official Instagram account , where he was praised for his great acting skills and screen charisma.

With their onscreen personalities Seth Jalaluddin Akbar, Taskeen Jalal, and Abdul Quddus, the ensemble cast of this captivating love story that is filled with light-hearted bickering captured viewers of all ages as its rollercoaster ride of laughter and joy.

Production Banner of Teri Meri Kahani

Teri Meri Kahani is a 7th Sky Entertainment production, which was created by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. Saima Akram Chaudhary wrote the script, while Aehsun Talish handled direction. Teri Meri Kahani may also be viewed on YouTube. Don’t forget to Like, Follow, and subscribe to our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the most recent Teri Meri Kahani news.

Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi have developed a brand with a remarkable track record of success. The award-winning serials Khaani, Romeo Weds Heer, Ramze Ishq, Dar Khuda Se, Muqaddar, Meherposh, Deewangi, Kahin Deep Jale, Mera Rab Waris, Dil Kya Kare and the list goes on. 7th Sky Entertainment is the most successful production house in Pakistan’s Showbiz Industry , committed to providing high-quality material.


Armaan and Zara live in the same neighborhood and have a tumultuous love-hate relationship. They never pass up the chance to let one another down, no matter how far apart they are. Armaan, a young, carefree, and good-looking guy, discovers his love for sports and high-end automobiles.

However, being the only child in his family, he does not share his parents’ ambitions and aspirations for him. Zara, on the other hand, is a bright and loving young woman who never disappoints spectators with her amazing talents in everything she does, but with the aid of a well-kept secret.

Armaan and Zara’s opposing personalities, though similar in nature, bring them closer as their parents only want the best for them. Share the fun and romance as new love ignites and secrets are revealed.

The uplifting romantic comedy about family, first love, and second chances is a heartfelt tale that will stay with the audience forever. “Teri Meri Kahani Pakistani Telefilm” is a romantic drama about Armaan and Zara, which demonstrates that one does not need to be flawless in order to fall in love.

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